Sisterhood from Heart to Mind

Once an Alpha Phi, Always an Alpha Phi

College years may end, but Alpha Phi membership never does. We’re more than just a group of friends—we’re a circle of women standing side-by-side and hand-in-hand, supporting each other through the ups and downs of life. Alpha Phi membership means always having someone to confide in, someone to share new experiences with, someone to conquer difficult challenges with, and someone to cheer you on as you achieve things you never thought possible. Being a member of Alpha Phi is empowering, and we believe in the impact these unique experiences have to transform us into women who will change the world. In Alpha Phi, you’ll find sisters who want the best for one another and expect the best of each other—every step of the way and through every season of life.

  • Liz Moulter Brolick

    PHI 1993

    “After not being active for the last several years, it has been so great to connect (and reconnect) with so many APhi sisters. Knowing we have a shared story and a common bond makes getting together more like long lost friends. I’ve so enjoyed having in-person events to look forward to and am excited to continue showing up. It’s hard enough to make friends in college-it’s even harder as a grown up. Take advantage of the sisterhood you already have and show up! Hand to Hand and heart to heart! ❤️”

  • Hailey Walter


    I love how authentic the sisterhood in Alpha Phi is. It’s genuine and honest and every Alpha Phi wholeheartedly supports one another. It is a fun sisterhood that has brought me so much joy. It embraces laughter, happiness, humor and memories. I love the comfort I have found in the sisterhood - whenever I meet an Alpha Phi, I instantly feel at home and safe. I know that wherever I go in life I will always be able to find fellow Alpha Phis and so I will never feel far from home.

  • Meloni Janzen

    PHI 2012

    As an alum initiate, I have enjoyed learning more about Alpha Phi and sharing time with this great group of ladies. It has been nice making new friends with women that empower you to be your best; I am thankful to be a part of this caring community.

  • Carly Alford


    I love Alpha Phi because I feel like I found my family! I have found a group of girls I can truly be myself around, and I’ve never felt more at home. Alpha Phi gave me a group of girls who support each other through everything in college and life.

Alpha Phi University of Oklahoma

Alpha Phi Sisterhood

Alpha Phi Sisterhood

When you join Alpha Phi, your involvement in the best events on campus is assured! Alpha Phi chapters participate in programs that develop scholarship, support their campus communities, and events that focus on building Alpha Phi sisterhood. Picture yourself in Alpha Phi letters at events like Homecoming, Greek Week and tailgates plus member retreats, socials and formals!

The Fraternity is a membership organization, which focuses on building sisterhood through generosity, character enhancement, commitment to lifelong friendship, and social experiences. While participating in these exciting events, Alpha Phis share a mutual concern for each other – ensuring each other’s safety and well-being – which began with our Founders, who banded together to support each other for mutual growth. These women were concerned about their sisters and in every aspect of their lives.

Alpha Phi’s Health, Wellness & Accountability and Safety Philosophy seeks to build upon our Founders concern for their sisters. We empower individual members to make informed decisions, realize their full potential as members, exemplifying characteristics of social responsibility and, personal integrity and intellectual honesty.

Our Fraternity believes strongly in the betterment of women through our membership experience.

Alpha Phi upholds the following Health, Wellness & Accountability & Safety Philosophy:

The Fraternity expects

that collegiate chapters and all members should act in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and/or ordinances of the country, state, province, county, and city.

The Fraternity believes

Health, Wellness & Accountability is every member’s obligation. Every Alpha Phi member has the responsibility to keep themselves, their sisters, their chapter, their campus, and the international organization safe.

The Fraternity recognizes

that members may make informed, fair, and reasonable choices regarding their personal safety while acting with social responsibility and personal integrity at all times.

The Fraternity promotes

purposeful education through multifaceted programming.The Fraternity expects personal responsibility from our members and accountability through local self-governance.

The Fraternity works

to hold chapters and individual members accountable for the choices they make and follows a consistent and progressive discipline strategy.

Through education, training and intentional guidance

the Fraternity provides the tools to help members make good choices and to understand the consequences of their decisions.

Ethical Behavior

As Alpha Phis, we are called to try to obey the principles of justice and right in all that we do. We expect our members to live up to our high ideals and to show the best qualities of character by being fair, inclusive and supportive. Racism, hate, bigotry and violence are in complete contradiction with our purpose, and we condemn them in any form. Every chapter must create an environment where all members can come as their full selves. Through the programming in Stand Together, Alpha Phi helps members create a sense of belonging and connectedness that engages individuals in an authentic manner in which uniqueness is valued, respected, and supported through opportunities and interaction. We are committed to providing education and resources that build cultural competence and to actively engage in conversations that challenge one another to be anti-racist.

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