Woman of the Year

Started in 2008, this luncheon serves as an annual re-commitment to our goals of serving the Tulsa community through fund raising and philanthropy.

Each of our member groups names an alumna to represent the sorority and honor the spirit of sisterhood. This celebration benefits TAAP’s scholarships, the Tulsa Public Schools’ Eyeglass Fund, and select local charities.

Throughout TAAP’s history, philanthropy has been a centerpiece of its activities. When the group began with 14 members in 1916, volunteers raised money for the Red Cross, YWCA scholarships and free ambulance service for children with tuberculosis. TAAP supported hospitals and schools during the Great Depression and bought war bonds during World War II. Eyeglass purchases began in 1936 with regular contributions beginning in 1953. The scholarship program began in 1962. Since 1967, scholarships and the eyeglass fund have been our two philanthropies.

  • Suzy Storey Armstrong, Tulsa Alpha Phi VP Membership, Armstrong Hearing Aid Center

    Suzy Storey Armstrong


  • Meloni Souto Janzen, Tulsa Alpha Phi VP Marketing 2023 - 2023 Woman of the Year

    Meloni Souto Janzen


  • Deborah McGuire - Alpha Phi 2020-2022 Woman of the Year

    Deborah McGuire


  • Renee Bohon Lanoue, Woman of the Year 2019 Alpha Phi Tulsa

    Renee Bohon Lanoue


  • Mary Adeline Fowler Miller - Woman of the Year 2018 Alpha Phi Tulsa

    Mary Adeline Fowler Miller


  • Cheryl Cooper Barber, Tulsa Alpha Phi President Elect 2023, Woman of the Year 2017, Alpha Phi Tulsa

    Cheryl Cooper Barber


  • Elizabeth Moulter Brolick, Woman of the Year 2016 Alpha Phi Tulsa

    Elizabeth Moulter Brolick


  • Ann Richards Ketcham, Woman of the Year 2015 Alpha Phi Tulsa

    Ann Richards Ketcham


  • Colleen Ayres-Griffin


  • Ginnie Netherton Graham


  • Alpha Phi Tulsa logo

    Karen Johnson Harrington


  • Alpha Phi Tulsa logo

    Jennifer Just Anthony


  • Alpha Phi Tulsa logo

    Dorry Morgan Effron


  • Connie Hamernik Doverspike Woman of the Year 2009 Alpha Phi Tulsa

    Connie Hamernik Doverspike


  • Alpha Phi Tulsa logo

    Cecile Davis Richards